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International Halal Forum at Prodexpo 2018 On February 8, 2018, the International Halal Forum organized by the International Centre for Halal Standardization and Certification under the Russia Muftis Council was held at the International Food Exhibition "Prodexpo-2018".

Aydar Gazizov, General Director of the International Centre for Halal Standardization and Certification, welcomed the guests and participants of the Forum on behalf of the Chairman of the RMC and the Religious Board of MUslims of Russia, Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin. He informed the participants and food producers about the Centre's long-term activities in the field of certification for compliance with halal requirements, and drew attention to the provisions of international halal standards that are essential for those willing to export to the Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Aydar Gazizov also presented the results of the business visit to Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) of the Russian delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Sergey Levin, which took place last December.

The volume of the global halal market has already exceeded USD 2.5 trillion and keeps growing, as well as global Muslim population. Investors from Brazil, France, South Africa and South Korea demonstrate interest in halal products, now also produced by well-known multinational corporations.

Sergey Shabaev, president of the Eurasian Poultry Farming Association, spoke about the activities of the association, appropriate use of halal poultry growing technology, as well as establishment of contacts with Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The participants of the Forum were interested in the statistical data related to the poultry industry in Russia and the CIS countries.

The President of the World Halal Summit, Yunus Ete, shared successful experience of the World Halal Summit and the OIC Halal Expo, which are held in Turkey under the patronage of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He invited the participants of the Forum to take part in the events this Novermber in Istanbul.

The forum ended with the award ceremony for the participants of the Halal Eurasia exposition at Prodexpo, the judges and the winners of "The best Halal product" contest.

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