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Exhibition dedicated to Syria and Syrian children to take place in Moscow On 18 February a documentary exhibition  "I WANT TO GO HOME, MUMMY" dedicated to the Syrian events and Syrian refugees will take place prior to the "Talking to the soul. Beyond the bounds” theatre performance in CROCUS CITY HALL. The exhibition is organized by the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation and the Religious Board of Muslims of Moscow.

Among the exhibitors there will be the RIA news agency, the "Takaful" charity foundation from Lebanon, the "Children draw the WORLD" charity foundation, the "Zakat" charity foundation, and the correspondent of the RIA news agency in Lebanon Mikhail Alaeddin.

“We live in a comfortable world, but there are people suffering around us. The worst thing is that they are innocent - old people, women, children. We must unite and stand side by side regardless of our ethnic and religious background, and we must make every effort to ensure that such disasters do not happen again, "said the Moscow mufti Ildar Alyautdinov.

The RIA news agency will exhibit the photos of its recognized journalists Valeriy Melnikov, Ilya Pitalev, Mikhail Voskresenskiy and others. The photos show the tragic consequences of the military conflict, which has brought chaos and devastation to ordinary people and great cities.

The Takaful Charitable Foundation will exhibit personal belongings of Syrian refugees that cannot be looked at without pain — burnt slippers of a little girl, a feeding bottle disfigured by explosion and other mournful items.

The "Children Draw the World" charity fund will present the drawings of Syrian and Lebanese children dreaming of peace. They were made by children who have witnessed the war with their own eyes.

The Zakat charity foundation will exhibit a tent where Syrian refugees live in the Lebanese camps. Such tents are placed on bare earth, with people sleeping on mattresses and warming themselves with a small stove.

The exhibition coincides with the premiere of the "Talking to the soul. Beyond the bounds” performance and will be available only on the day of the premiere.

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