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Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin meets US ambassador This week the Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia and the Council of Russian Muslims  Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin received the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States in Russia, Jon Meade Huntsman.

Mr. Ambassador was accompanied by Mr. Christopher Robinson (Minister-Counsellor of the Ambassador for Political Affairs), Sarah Chacha  (second secretary of the political department), and the embassy staff. Apart from Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, the guests were received by Damir Gizatullin (First Deputy Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation), Rushan Abbyasov (First Deputy Chairman of the RMC and the RBMRF), Damir Mukhetdinov, (First Deputy Chairman of RBMRF) and others.

This was the first meeting with the new US ambassador, this is why while familiarizing the guests with the history of Islam in Russia, the Mufti emphasized the fact that Islam in Russia was a centuries-old religion of indigenous peoples, who had inhabited these lands.
The guests learned about the history of the Cathedral mosque, which was opened 114 years ago, its reconstruction and opening of the renovated Moscow Cathedral Mosque in 2015 in attendance of the Russian President V.V. Putin.

Mr. John Huntsman noted that before his visit, his predecessor John Tefft had informed him of his participation in the above-mentioned events and of constructive, respectful relations that he had established with the Head of Russian Muslims Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin.

Mr Ambassador expressed a great interest in the scope of work of Russian organizations headed by the mufti, formation of a religious education system in Russia, partnership with leading state universities, establishment of interreligious dialogue in Russia and achievements in cooperation with Muslim organizations around the world.

Mr. Ambassador familiarized himself with the most important international projects, such as the Moscow International Qur'an Reciting Competition, the Muslim Forum and the Silk Road Conference, which were established in order to convey the true essence of Islam to the world.

The Mufti thanked the previous Ambassador for his attention, congratulations of Muslim holidays, organization of Iftars in the embassy in Moscow and the US consulates in other Russian cities.

Mr. John Huntsman agreed it was necessary to unite and search for common ground in order to settle existing conflicts.

The parties expressed their intentions to maintain a permanent productive dialogue.

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