Friday, 22 February 2019
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Russian humanitarian mission visits Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon The humanitarian mission led by the Moscow Mufti Ildar Alyautdinov and the famous Russian actor Marat Basharov helped Syrian refugees in the Akkar Governorated located on the border of Syria and Lebanon.
The Russians brought warm clothes, gifts, food and fuel. There are more than 800 people living in the camp, including 500 children. They live in wooden tents; most of the local children have lost one of their parents. The majority of the residents in the Akkar camp hail from the Syrian Deir-ez-Zor.

Syrian religious communities thanked Russians for humanitarian assistance.

"The refugees are in a horrible situation… Russian Muslims will try to provide more support, since there is not even drinking water in the camp, let alone warm things and food," — said Alyautdinov. He added that Russian Muslims provided significant help. In his turn, Basharov said that he was very happy to participate in the humanitarian mission. "It's not just the people, but also the states that are ready to help," — he added.

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