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Mufti deputies attended seminar in Sciences Po A seminar with the participation of the deputies of the chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia took place on 28 November 2017 within the framework of the Government event programme aimed at training experts with profound knowledge of Islamic history and culture. Damir Mukhtedinov, first deputy of mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, and Damir Khairetdinov, deputy for educational, scientific and cultural affairs, attended the event.

The seminar was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po).

Damir Mukhetdinov delivered a report where he described the history and challenges of evolution of Islam in Russia, the condition of interfaith dialogue and our country and major achievements of the Russian ummah over the last years.

The audience was interested in specific examples related to religious renaissance in Russia. For example, they asked questions about the institution of Muslim chaplains in the military and prisons, introduction of religious subjects in schools, establishment of theology as a recognized science industry.

A number of questions were related to relationships between the state and Islam, the state and Orthodox Christianity, policy of federal and local authorities with regards to some issues, from hijab ban in some schools to reaction to external influence on Russian Muslims. There was an animated discussion about spiritual and religious Muslim leaders.

Over 30 experts in religious affairs and other areas, as well as journalists, members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and other departments participated in the seminar.

It should be noted that on 27 November Damir Mukhetdinov was interviewed by the leading French newspaper specializing in religious issues, La Croix. He answered questions regarding interfaith dialogue involving Muslims in our country and in the world and emphasized similarity of problems faced by Muslim communities in Russia and on the West. He also drew attention to the role played by the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia led by mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin in the revival of Islam in Russia. The journalist showed interest in the opening ceremony of the renovated building of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, which took place in 2015 and was attended by the Russian President.

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