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Moscow Halal Expo 2017 opens its doors On 16th November the 8th International Moscow Halal Expo 2017, which brings together producers of halal products and services, opened its doors.

Aydar Gaziyev, head  of the International Certification and Standardization Centre, read the welcoming words on behalf of mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, chairman of the Russia Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia.

“As the halal industry develops in our country, new challenges and opportunities arise. Only through mutual cooperation, patience, fair competition and hard work can we achieve new levels and develop the halal market in our country”, — wrote the religious leader of Russian Muslims.

This year companies from 40 countries participate in Moscow Halal Expo; 12 of them exhibit their products, and representatives of 39 countries coming as buyers and guests, including government delegations.

The participating countries include Russia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Syria, Egypt, Korea.
There are also companies form 23 regions of Russia.
The exhibition participants can participate in discussions of topical issues and obtain useful information from experts in different fields.
By the end of the Exhibition the best halal product of the year will be chosen by experts and visitors.

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