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Russia and Palestine cooperate in charity A meeting between the head of the International department of the Russia Muftis Council Ildar Galeyev the executive director of the Zakyat foundation Rifat Izmaylov, and the Plenipotentiary Minister of the Embassy of Palestine in Russia Mr Khaled Miari took place in the Embassy of Palestine in Moscow.

During the meeting Ildar Galeyev conveyed greetings from the religious leader of Russian Muslims, mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, to the Minister and other embassy workers.

The parties discussed cooperation prospects related to implementation of charitable and humanitarian projects. It should be noted that a memorandum on understanding and cooperation had been signed between the Zakyat foundation and the administration of Mahmoud Habbash, Supreme Judge of Palestine. The document included a number of joint projects, some of which have already been accomplished.

Rifat Izmaylov, representative of the Zakyat charity foundation told about the organization’s international activities, including latest campaigns held in Lebanon and Bangladesh. He emphasized the support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in terms of charitable and humanitarian programmes organized by the RMC and the RBMRF abroad.

From his side, Mr Miari confirmed that the diplomatic mission and the Government of Palestine would provide any assistance needed in the implementation of these projects in Palestine.

During the meeting the parties agreed that our countries would work together in a productive and dynamic way in the area of humanitarian cooperation.

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