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Moscow Halal Expo 2017 Exhibition opens on 16 November The 8th international Moscow Halal Expo 2017, which brings together the manufacturers and suppliers of products and services who operate at the halal market or are interested in doing so, will open its doors on 16 November.

Companies from 40 countries will participate in Moscow Halal Expo 2017. Among the exhibitors there will be companies and brands from Russia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, US, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Syria and Egypt.

Contrary to the common stereotype about halal products, the participating companies will include not only manufacturers of meat products, but also representatives of other industries.

This year the exhibition changed its format and now consists of two salons — Halal Food Salon and LifeStyle Salon.

Apart from a wide range of meat, poultry and dairy products, the Halal Food Salon will feature such novelties of the halal market as confectionery products, fruit jelly, organic oils, eggs, sauces and halal spices (yes, even spices can be halal!).

A congress platform aimed at boosting sales and increasing the share of halal products at the market of Russia and CIS countries, in particular through conducting workshops, forums, as well as a retail workshop attended by representatives of food retail chains of different scale, will be organized as a part of the Salon.
The Exhibition will offer organic sweets to those who care about healthy diet, and present several brands of halal baby food for those who have babies.
A contest for the best product of the year will be conducted in the area for tasting and cooking workshops at the Halal Food Salon. This year the exhibition guests will also be able to take part in the vote. The visitors will be able to attend a culinary workshop, where a professional chef will reveal some secret tips for cooking and choosing healthy food products.

Contest nominations:
•    “Meat novelty” will determine the best meat product.
•    “I’ll have it with tea” will reveal the customers’ choice of sweets to have with tea. The confectionery products presented at the Exhibition include cakes, date products, biscuits, fruit jelly and other goodies.
•    “That’s what I needed” will show which product the customers needed the most. Sometimes we might feel the need in something due to our convictions, be it our religious beliefs or anti-GMO attitude, or due to an inexplicable urge to buy something interesting, necessary and useful.

Lifestyle Salon — in this salon you will find everything not related to halal food.

This year the Lifestyle Salon will present a great variety of halal beauty products. Startup companies will demonstrate interesting and educational games for children, original jewellery, daily planners and gifts. A company from the US will showcase a pioneer product of the organic cosmetics market — a breathable and eco-friendly halal nail polish under the Maya brand. The halal standards stipulate that beauty products must be free from alcohol or components of animal origin, as well as animal testing. Besides, a halal nail polish must be breathable (at least water-permeable), which is necessary for a ritual ablution to be valid, otherwise the polish will have to be removed before every prayer.  
As a matter of course, the Lifestyle Salon will also present services, including educational centres and programmes, a recruitment agency, Islamic financial products, and halal tours to Muslim countries.
The Exhibition visitors will be able to have snacks, to try halal treats, to see presentations of new halal products or to participate in animated discussions, while making themselves comfortable on the soft poufs next to the stage.

Venue: Moscow, the Sokolniki Exhibition Centre, pavilion 4

Time: 16-18 November, from 10 am to 7 pm

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