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Russian Muslim delegation visits UK On 1-15 October a delegation of Russian Muslims visited a number of British Muslim communities for establishing bilateral ties and internship.

First of all, the delegation visited the Cambridge Islamic College. Its principal, Abdulhakim Murad, a well-known expert in Islamic, Arab and Turkic studies, visited Russia several times. During his last visit the first deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia, Damir Muhetdinov, agreed to intensify mutual contacts. It was followed by a lecture given by Damir Khairetdinov, deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia for education, science and culture, to the students of the Cambridge Islamic College. The students demonstrated a great interest in the problems and achievements of Russian Muslims and tried to compare the situation in both countries, Russia and the UK.

The members of the Russian delegation visited the construction site of the first Cambridge Mosque. The construction is financed by the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs, however it is not clear yet who will be the mosque’s imam. It is a common practice in Turkey to send Turkish imams to the mosques sponsored by the Directorate of Religious Affairs. This might not happen in Cambridge, though, since the imam must be fluent in English. The construction of the mosque will be finalized in the end of the next year.

The representatives of mufti Ravil Gaynutdin — Ravil Seyfetdinov and Timur Fahretdinov — spent a few hours in the library of the Cambridge University, where they came across old Tatar books published in Kazan. Many pre-revolutionary publications of Russian Muslims were destroyed in Russia but remained intact in the UK.

During the visit to Oxford the chief of staff of the Religious Board of Russian Muslims, Ildar Nurimanov, informed the members of the Islamic Research Centre chaired by Dr Farhan Nizami about the work of the Russian muftiyat and Muslims’ efforts aimed at strengthening the position of Islam in our country. Unfortunately, the Oxford centre for Islamic studies has had very limited contacts with Russia so far. Meanwhile, it is the biggest academic centre in Europe working under the patronage of Prince of Wales. The Oxford Muslim community is not numerous, but quite active. Compared to Muslim communities in other regions of the UK, it looks more integrated in the British community. This year Oxford centre for Islamic studies has made the first steps to establish contacts with the Muslim communities of the CIS countries.

AT the London Islamic cultural centre the Russian Delegation met Ahmed Dubayan, general director. The Religious Board of Russian Muslims has been working with the London Islamic cultural centre for the few years. The International Muslim Forum in London, which took place in 2015, was one of their common projects. The Centre employees were interested to get the latest news from Russia, including those related to international and cultural contacts of our country with Muslim countries.

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