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International Qur'an Festival begins in Moscow On 6 October, Friday, in the conference hall of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque Rushan Abbyasov, first deputy chairman of the Russia Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia, met the jury and the participants of the 18th international Moscow Qu’ran Reciting Competition.

During the meeting Rushan Abbyasov conveyed the greetings on behalf of the religious leader of Russian Muslims, the head of the RMC and the RBMRF and the President of the Moscow Qur’an Reciting Competition, mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutfdin.

The jury includes Abdullah Aziz Kahtan Khaled al-Amari from Bahrain, Alsayed Basim Hamdi from Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Tourabi from Morocco, Cuhadar Yasar from Turkey and Ibrahim Sabirov from Russia.

The jury informed the participants about the contest rules and conducted the drawing procedure. This year the Qur’an reciters from 32 countries will take part in the competition.

After the meeting the jury members and participants performed the Friday prayer in the Moscow Cathedral mosque, where some of them had a chance to demonstrate their skills, and attended a reception in the RMC residence.

On Saturday the contest stage will be held in the Moscow Cathedral mosque, and on 8 October the Qur'an Festival with participation of 5 best reciters of the Holy Scripture will take place in the Crocus City Hall. The event will take place under the patronage of the President of the Moscow International Qur'an Reciting Competition, chairman of the Russia Muftis Council, mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin and His Majesty the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa.

This year the participants will compete in the Tilawah nomination (beautiful recitation of the Qur;an). Russia will be represented by Barakatullo Zarifi, a graduate of the Moscow Islamic University, who won the first prize at the all-Russia Qur'an reciting competition earlier this year.

Apart from the captivating recitation of the Holy Book of Muslims, the guests will be able to listen to nasheeds performed by Moroccan, Tatar and Chechen performers.

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