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Moscow Cathedral mosque project presented in Windsor In May 2017 a 3-day international conference called “Windsor Consultation "Cities, Culture and Media" took place in the Windsor Castle, United Kingdom.

The organizer of the conference, International Council for Caring Communities(ICCC), conducts annual consultations in Windsor attended by architects, urban specialists, cultural workers, media managers, representatives of fund and charity organizations. The organization’s mission is to promote architectural and cultural projects aimed at strengthening cultural ties between countries and nations.  

Finproyekt and Fabrika Sovremennoy Arkhitektury represented Russia with the implemented project of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. During the first day of conference, the mosque project received accolades from participants and organizers, which was mentioned in the final documents of the conference.

The conference was attended by representatives from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentine, Germany, Russia, China, Poland, Africa etc.

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