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Halal in Czech Republic During his visit to the Czech Republic on 18-19 July Aydar Gazizov, head of the International Halal Standardization and Certification Centre, audited the TRUMF International company specializing in food additives.

The audit check started with a meeting with the company’s shareholders and directors. Aydar Haji conveyed greetings and letters of appreciation from the chairman of the Russia Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia, Ravil Gaynutdin, and expressed his satisfaction with cooperation that contributed to better relationships between the representatives of the two countries.

During the examination Aydar Gazizov checked the documents, inspected the raw material store and industrial facilities and the warehouse. The auditor made sure that the materials for halal products are separated from other raw materials. Halal products are manufactured on Saturdays, sometimes on other days too,  only during the morning shift. The finished products are placed on separate labelled shelves.

It should be noted that the TRUMF International company inspects and stores the samples from every batch of raw materials in their laboratories. It has 28 control methods to assess the compliance of raw materials with halal standards, and each component undergoes a mandatory control procedure.

After the audit check the head of the International Centre expressed a high opinion of the work culture of the company and thanked the Czech partners for their respectful attitude towards the Islamic requirements.

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