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Diyanet delegation from Turkey visits Moscow Cathedral Mosque A delegation of the Presidency for religious affairs of Turkey led by Selim Argun, director of the International Department, visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. The delegation also included Dr Huseyin Yilmaz, member of the Supreme Council for Religious Affairs, Kemal Hakki Kilic, head of the Department of European and Asian countries, Huseyin Koc, expert of the Presidency in religious affairs, Omer Faruk Savuran, expert of the Presidency in religious affairs, Murat Dikmen, first secretary of the Turkish embassy in Moscow, Rais Yanglychev, member of the Diyanet’s representative office in Moscow.

The delegation was received by Haris hazrat Saubyanov, deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia, and Ildar Galeyev, head of the International Department of the RMC.

The parties discussed current cooperation, joint projects and events.

Haris Saubyanov conveyed greetings from mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin and noted that several high-ranking Turkish delegates visited the Moscow Cathedral mosque, apart from the Diyanet delegation.

“It is good to know that the Presidency for Religious affairs of Turkey is cooperating not only with Russian Muslims, but also with the Russian Orthodox Church. I am sure that working with the followers of traditional Russian religions will facilitate cooperation between Russia and Turkey”, — said Haris hazrat.

From his side, Selim Argun conveyed greetings from Mehmet Gormez, head of the Presidency for Religious Affairs, and added that cooperation with Russian Muslims was one of the top priorities, and that the Presidency will continue to implement joint projects.

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