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Hadiya Khalaf Abbas visits Moscow cathedral mosque On 14 April, Friday, Rushan hazrat Abbyasov, deputy chairman of the Russia Muftis Council and the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia, met the chairwoman of the Syrian People’s Council, Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, in the Moscow cathedral mosque.

Delegate of the People’s Council of Syria also attended the meeting.

During the meeting Rushan hazrat Abbyasov conveyed greetings from mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, chairman of the Russia Muftis Council and the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia, spoke about the history of Islam in Russia, activity of Russian Muslims, interaction between Muslims and state authorities. He emphasized the important role of the Presidential Council for Cooperation with Religious Organizations and the Interfaith Council of Russia in strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between followers of traditional religions in Russia.

“A serious dialogue between the authorities and religious leaders, cooperation in the name of the Motherland, common welfare and stable development of the society, unanimity of opinions and attitudes when it comes to dealing with challenges and threat, — all this is the best way to prevent extremism and terrorism in the society”, — said the first deputy chairman of the RMC and the SBMRF.

The parties confirmed that Islam had nothing in common with terrorism and extremism, and that killing children, destroying cities and terrorizing civilians had nothing in common with mercy.

The parties also said that the Syrian crisis could only be solved in a peaceful way, where all moderate powers would sit down for negotiation and solve the conflict through dialogue and productive cooperation.

Rushan hazrat Abbyasov wished further development of parliamentary relations between Russia and Syria. Hadiya Abbas, in her turn, invited the delegation of Russian Muslims to Syria.

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