Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin meets Kyrgyz president in Bishkek A meeting between the president of the Kyrgyz Republic, Almazbek Atambayev, and the chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Russian Federarion and the Russia Muftis Council, mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, took place today in Bishkek. The meeting was devoted to cooperation between the Islamic organizations of both countries aimed at preventing extremism and terrorism.

During the meeting the parties mentioned the long-term cooperation of Muslims of the fraternal countries in scientific, educational and cultural projects. The president Atambayev expressed his positive attitude towards the fact that Kyrgyz Muslims received religious education and improved their skills in Russia.

It should be reminded that the delegation of Russian Muslims led by mufti Gaynutdin is going to participate in the opening ceremony of the Mahmud Al-Kashgari mosque in Bishkek.

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