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Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin meets Saudi Ambassador On 1 February the head of the RMC and the SBMRF, Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, met the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Saudi Arabia in Russia, Abdurrahman Ibrahim ar-Rassi.

The meeting was also attended by Salim Bujuneyd, attaché for religious affairs, Ildar Galeyev, head of the International department, and Ildar hazrat Nurimanov, head of the Administration of the SBMRF.

The meeting was devoted to discussion of bilateral cooperation, results of the year 2016 and plans for the year 2017. Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin informed the head of the Saudi diplomatic mission about the events organized by the RMC and the SBMRF, their plans, visits and meetings.

The parties discussed a wide range of questions related to the haj management in 2017, cooperation of the SBMRF and the RMC with specialized Saudi institutions in the context of fighting against propagation of terrorist and extremist ideas.

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Saudi Arabia highly appraised the cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia within the scope of fighting international terrorism.

Mr Ar-Rassi noted that KSA was one of the first countries to outlaw ISIS in 2014. The Saudi government has been taking measures on different levels to oppose terrorism.
«I am surprised that some media talk about disagreements between Russia and KSA with regard to international terrorism. This is absolutely wrong. Terrorism in any form is a phenomenon that cannot be given a certain political complexion and cannot depend on circumstances or environment”, — said the Ambassador.

The parties discussed practical steps to strengthen relationships in the economical, commercial and investment fields. Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin noted that Russian Muslims were happy to observe the development of Russian-Saudi relations, namely in terms of visits of the heads of Russian regions to KSA and high-level meetings.

The parties highlighted the need for well-coordinated work. “Any mistake, even insignificant at first sight, might affect bilateral relationships not just with KSA, but with other GCC countries”, — said the Ambassador.
The parties agreed to maintain contact and to strengthen cooperation, which will facilitate bilateral rapprochement of Moscow and Riyadh.

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