Thursday, 23 November 2017
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Cooperation with Iranian colleagues In the residence of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia Damir hazrat Gizatullin, first deputy chairman of the SBMRF met Mohammed Saber Farzam, general director of the Qur'an news agency IQNA. The meeting was also attended by Rahim Haki, a jury member of the International Qur'an reciting contests, Reza Maleki, head of the Cultural Representative office under the Embassy of Iran in Russia and Ildar Galeyev, head of the International Department of the RMC and the SBMRF.

The parties shared their projects and achievements at the media arena and shaped a plan for further cooperation.
Damir hazrat Gizatullin emphasized the high level of cooperation between Russia and Iran. In his turn, Mohammad Farzam gave a high appraisal of the Moscow International Qur’an reciting competition, saying this event was rightfully considered one of the best ones in the world.
«The purpose of my visit is to establish cooperation between the Moscow Qur'an contest and the International student Qur'an contest that takes place with the support of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)», said Mr Farzam.
The parties agreed to develop further productive cooperation.

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