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Cooperation between Russian and Kazakh Muslims A meeting between Rushan hazrat Abbyasov, first deputy chairman of the RMC and SBMRF, and Kuat haji Rayev, advisor of the mufti of Kazakhstan, took place in the residence of the Russia Muftis Council and Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia.
The meeting was also attended by employees of Spiritual Boards of Muslims of both countries.
Rushan hazrat Abbyasov provided the guest with the information about the events and projects of the Russia Muftis Council and Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia. In his turn, Kuat haji also told him about some activities related to publishing Islamic literature, work with prisoners, young people etc.

In this context the parties decided to strengthen cooperation and to encourage experience exchange.
The question of cooperation within the framework of the RMC’s new international project “Spiritual Silk Route” was a special item on the agenda. This project is dedicated to interaction of peoples who inhabit the territories of historical trade routes, which facilitated development of cultural and spiritual ties between the nations.

Kuat haji was a member of the Kazakh delegation that participated in the International symposium in Urumqi last July.

Kuat haji appraised highly the Russia Muftis Council’s efforts aimed at organising a similar event in China and confirmed the intention of the Kazakh party to participate actively in the conference work.

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