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Kazakh mufti's advisor visits Cathedral Mosque Today the first deputy chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia, Damir hazrat Gizatullin, received a Kazakh delegation represented by Kuat haji Rayev, mufti's advisor of the SBM of Kazakhstan. The meeting was also attended by the head of the SBMRF administration, Ildar Nurimanov.

The parties discussed the issues related to youth education and upbringing, projects on moral education and religious staff training in order to face modern challenges and to fight terrorism and radical movements. They emphasized the necessity of monitoring both Kazakh students in Russia and Russian students in Kazakhstan, protecting them from extremist ideology and providing them with jobs after graduation.

Damir hazrat Gizatullin and Kuat haji Rayev agreed to develop further cooperation for the benefit of Russian and Kazakh citizens, Islam and Muslims on the whole.

It is to be recalled that the educational programme “The history of the Islamic civilization” developed by the Moscow Islamic university (Moscow, Russia) and Kazakh-Egyptian Islamic University “Nur” (Almaty, Kazakhstan) was approved on 31 October 2016. One year before that, on 2 November 2015 the universities approved a new academic subject — “Islamic pedagogics” for further joint implementation. On 9 April 2014 a Memorandum on cooperation was signed in Almaty. According to this document, the two Islamic universities would develop cooperation in terms of joint elaboration of educational programmes, student and teacher exchange, implementation of research projects. The memorandum also stipulated advanced training for Kazakh imams in the Moscow Islamic University.

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