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Mukaddas-Hazrat Bibarsov about the reconstruction of the mosque in Moscow At the beginning of September in Moscow the reconstruction of the Cathedral mosque began:  the building that had already started destroying partially was demolished. So far, however, some members of the public, as well as some religious leaders cannot easily accept the fact that now the new Muslim temple is being constructed and it will be bigger and roomier than the last. At the same time the features of the original building in its appearance will be restored.Some media expressed provocative statements of opponents of the mosque reconstruction, who claim the mosque as the "Tatar-Bashkir historical heritage." This is despite the fact that proponents of the new construction of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, also identify themselves as Tatar people and patiently convey their position based on the Shari'ah and the simple common sense.

Why this caused  such a long reaction in the community? Abot this "Ansar.Ru" asked the co-chair of the Russian Muftis Council  Mukaddas-Hazrat Bibarsova.

- I got once again convinced that the campaign that we observe in the runet, was caused not so much due to the care of the mosque fate and Muslims of Moscow, but it is another attempt to discredit the work of the Russian Muftis Council and its leader, Ravil Gaynutdin -hazrat - our interlocutor says.

It is worth recalling the history of the signing by several Russian Muftis a petition against the demolition of the mosque. In fact, it turned out that some of the signers, who allegedly turned to the public, and then withdrew their signatures, apparently realized that this issue has no religious background and justification of Shariah. We are talking not about the destruction of mosques and ban of prayers, but rather about how to perform one of the greatest duties of the believer - to create the conditions necessary for the parishioners.Another interesting issue is the "voice of the public," which suddenly arouse as a chorus led by some director. But recently, when the Moscow Ummah really needed the reconciled statement of the wider Muslim community, almost none of today's opponents were not heard. We are talking about banning the construction of a mosque in the Tekstilshiki area of the Moscow. Then they did not outline their position. This proves once again that the purpose of this action is not a protection of the mosque and not a care about Muslims, but an attempt to blacken the RMC. It is sad that these people are so easily manipulated by frank haters of Islam.

If all this hysteria is formed by a narrow circle of people, it is supported by those who go to the mosque on occasion, once a year or once in several years. I would advise them to go there more often, performing a duty to their Creator, and actively participate in community life. If they did, they would know that the old building of the mosque has no normal opportunities for prayers, it was cramped and decrepit. Frankly, it was a building of the provincial town level. Given the fact that the building had no foundation, it is clear that it was temporary. This situation with the central mosque of the capital, and thus the whole country, does not match either Moscow Muslims, or Muslims of Russia.

Ravil-Hazrat has honor that he understanding the aspirations of Muslim and Sharia law regulations and despite the provocations and open insinuations, still reconstructs the mosque, building a new, big, beautiful complex. And those brothers who willingly or unwittingly dragged on in this persecution, I am sure, will be ashamed. When their children and grandchildren will attend a new mosque, inshaaAllah, will they tell them hat they were doing everything they can against construction of the new building of the mosque was not built? I highly doubt it.

The o-chairman also said that the reconstruction of temples was a normal situation.

- The mosque as a religious building in Islam does not carry out a sacred function. Mosques were rebuilt in the past, so it was and always will be. Any responsible religious leader as Ravil-Hazrat would have taken the same decision. There are a lot of examples where the building were broken, others were built in their place. But even these examples are superfluous to the faithful, if for the reconstruction there is a canonical constraint.

As for the "Tatar heritage", we all know that mosques constructed in order to earn the blessing of Allah. They can be neither Tartar nor Caucasian or Russian, or Asian, or someone else's. Another question is that the culture of the Tatar people, the second largest people in Russia, should be maintained at the highest level. This process should be involved by the widest sections of Tatar community. Though it is not this way, and even those who now protest against the mosque reconstruction, appealing to the Tatar heritage, usually don’t protect their national culture. Because they are not peaceful creators by nature. But that is another conversation.Actually, it's funny to see how the opponents of reconstruction of the mosque tear between Shari'a and the Tatar national culture, though both arguments do not contain the real reasons for their criticism. It is rather ugly when some people issue "fatwa" to those who do not have enough Islamic knowledge, operating by verses of the Holy Quran which do not match the situation, thus showing their ignorance. In the 21st century, the Muslim youth today, alhamduliLlah, has a completely different level of education than they had ten or twenty years ago, so do not try to deceive them.

As for the "historicity" of the Moscow mosque, built a hundred years ago, I think that nobody will start to discuss this seriously.  Insha Allah, the complex that is being constructed now will truly be a historic place and, in particular, will serve as a reminder that in the early 19th century the house of Allah was built here, and since then it was just expanded and magnified, receiving more and more Muslims and reflecting the greatness of Islam and the Russian Ummah.In general, I want to say that the reconstruction of the mosque is a normal process, dictated by the concern for the Muslims. This responsibility is on the leader of the RMC, Ravil-Hazrat and he executes it, despite the fact that it caused a lot of problems. Due to various reasons, lack of knowledge, for example, or wrong priorities, the reconstruction can be perceived critically. But such point of view can exist only as long as you are not explained what is preferred according to Sharia. After that, the continuations of any attacks and protests already can be considered as hypocrisy. As well as broadcasting such opinions through the media, and, especially, anti-Islamic media.

I urge my brothers to stop insinuation and provocation, begin to reason independently and to return to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him.05/10/2011Text: Press Service of the DUM SO


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