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President of the Arab Republic of Egypt

                   Mr. Mohammed Mursi


Dear Mr. President!


On behalf of the Russian Muftis Council, twenty million Russian Muslims, and myself, I congratulate you with the official inauguration  to the post of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.


We wish you every success in addressing a wide range of tasks related to the further development of the country. Your country is the repository of entire eras and a key to its power was, is and will be the respect to the representatives of different religions and cultures that created the great Egyptian culture, whose legacy is a world treasure. Today, Egypt is experiencing hard times, which can be handled only by the people capable of creation and progress. We are convinced that your extensive experience, wisdom and strong faith will facilitate effective implementation of the significant potential of the Arab Republic of Egypt.


We are sure that your leadership will be a guarantee to Egypt's new achievements aimed at the harmonious development of Egyptian society.


We wish you a constant attributes worthy the ruler, namely: justice, good health, inexhaustible energy and a strong love for God, country and the people who have expressed their trust in you.


We ask Allah of peace, mercy and His help in all your endeavors of good and hope for the development of fruitful cooperation between our countries.


With the kind prayers and best wishes!


Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin

The Chairman

The Russian Muftis Council,

The Religious Board of Muslims

European part of Russia


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