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Al-Quds On the last Friday of Ramadan, Muslims of the whole world express their solidarity with the long-suffering people of Palestine.

Russia's Muslims have supported Palestinian cause since Soviet times. The position of our Muslims, our state and our people remains constant: Palestine must be recognized by the world community as an independent nation with its capital in Jerusalem.

Al-Quds is the Arabic name of Jerusalem, Islam's third holiest city after Mecca and Medina. Al-Quds Day is important not only for Palestinians but for the whole world, for Jerusalem is a holy city, a city of three divine faiths. Muslims consider it important because of the Mi'raj (night journey and ascension) of Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayer be upon him) that took place here, and as their first Qibla.

Jerusalem of our days is a city where Muslims have to run the gauntlet through armed Israeli soldiers if they want to visit al-Aqsa or other mosques and holy sites. It is a city where year after year, Israeli military kills Palestinian civilians—women, old people and kids alike.

The tragic news that come from the Middle East every day tell us of how grim and hopeless the situation there is. Palestinians who are portrayed by mass media as militants and aggressors in fact only assert their rights over the land that they've lost, losing tens of thousands of people in bloody clashes with one of the most advanced armies of the Middle East. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of dishoused Palestinians turned into refugees scattered all around the world. As for Israelis, they continue to push their criminal claims by making up gruesome myths. They are aided in this quest by pro-Western media that tries to whitewash Israeli leadership.

To our deep regret, we can't but acknowledge the existence of media blackout and bias against Islam and the coverage of the life of Muslim Ummah in the whole world. Thuswise, for many years in a row mass media regularly reminds of the destruction of Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, portraying these events as the example of "aggressiveness" of Muslims, but at the same time keep silent about the ongoing violence and genocide of Muslim population in Buddhist Burma. Few isolated voices of disapproval cannot lift the media blockade and cannot stop this great tragedy. Another example of zombification of public opinion is the Palestinian issue, which was re-opened in 1947, right after the end of dreadful WWII. Since these times, Israeli forces have persistently and systematically stealing territories from Palestinians, driving them into enclaves more resembling prisons than anything else.

Nowadays Israel, blowing off steam from its deflationary economy, started brawling before the long-suffering Palestinian nation—once again. All the attention of the world media is focused on Israeli sufferings, labelling the dead and the wounded Palestinians, their fathers, brothers and sons whose relatives became victims of Israel's troubled politics as terrorists. Yes, there are casualties among Israelis too, and we grieve at them, but all of them are the victims of oppression and harassment politics, seeds of which have been generously sown since 1940s!

Israeli side systematically, over and over again carries out numerous military operations—"Cast Lead", "Protective Edge" and others—that take a heavy toll on Palestinian lives, under the excuse of fighting terror. By today, the count of killed Palestinians is measured in hundreds, and thousands more are wounded, while the Israelis have barely lost twenty. Of course, counting and comparing lost lives is incorrect for even one death is a great tragedy, but at least it helps us understand how uneven are the forces involved!

We voice our support for our suffering brothers and sisters in Palestine and call upon the just people in Israel to condemn military ventures of their government.

We pray for our brothers and ask Almighty Allah to return peace to the people of Palestine.

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