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Spiritual leader of Russia's Muslims mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin expressed his condolences in relation to the terrorist attacks that took place in Beirut and Paris on November 12 and 13.

"I express my deepest condolences to the French and Lebanese nations as well as the whole world community in relation to the gruesome terrorist acts organized in Beirut and Paris within the same day that claimed almost two hundred lives and crippled hundreds of civilians.

There's pain and despair in the hearts of relatives and close ones of the victims and grief and anger towards criminals who defy God's laws and cross the line of humanity.

We grieve with all those who lost their close ones in these attacks, with all those who care for the victims of this unthinkable tragedy; we pray for the ease of their pain and that the humanity would heal itself from terrorism -- a dreadful disease maiming souls and deforming fates."

Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin
Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation
Chairman of Russia Muftis Council

Russian Muslims pray for the victims of the terrorist acts and ask Almighty Allah to help all those who suffered from the attacks. Everything that happens in world today, no matter in which part of the globe, is a concern for everyone.

The position of Russia Muftis Council and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation stays the same: we reject all types of extremism and radicalism.

Terrorist acts that lead to the deaths of innocents have no excuse and those guilty of it will face severe punishment on the Day of Judgment.

Russia's Muslims have a long history of resisting terrorism: in the last few years, terrorists killed over 50 Muslim religious leaders.

Terrorism and extremism are alien to religion. Islam condemns terror.

We ask Almighty Allah to protect humankind from the horrors of terrorism, we call for vigilance and pray for the dead and the wounded.

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