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Moscow City Government acknowledged the importance of Moscow Halal Expo The solemn opening ceremony of 5th International Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo that took place in the 75th hall of All-Russian Exhibition Centre was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture, members of Moscow City Parliament and the State Duma of Russian Federation, extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of Arab and Muslim states, foreign delegations from many countries of world.

Konstantin Blazhenov, deputy head of the Department of interregional cooperation, national policy and relations with religious organizations of Moscow City who spoke at the opening ceremony, especially stressed that the exhibition is an important event not only for Muslims but for people of other creeds as well.

"Within five years of the exhibition it showed its potential and became a unique ground for cooperation and coordination of businessmen not only from Russia, but from across the whole world. It is through such events that people get an opportunity to learn more of the culture and worldview of people professing Islam. I'm sure that this exhibition will further serve development and strengthening of interfaith and interethnic dialogue in our nation," he said.

He also assured that the city authorities are ready to support the development of halal industry and cooperate with Russia Muftis Council.

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