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On Thursday, June 5, the opening ceremony of international exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2014 took place in the 75th hall of All-Russia Exhibition Centre in Moscow. This event, which was organized by Russia Muftis Council with the support of Moscow City Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, traditionally opened with the recitation of the Holy Qur'an.

It was then followed by speech of Chairman of Russia Muftis Council, spiritual leader of Russia's Muslims mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin. In his address to the audience, he especially stressed the need to strive for new innovative approaches.

"Companies participating in our exhibition are guided by Islamic laws and they're developing halal industry as a sector of economy based on rectitude, while keeping up with the times in terms of innovation. This business area [halal] became a promising direction in our multiethnic, multifaith society, which has high potential not only in production and consumption of halal goods and services but also in its innovative approach," said the head of Russia Muftis Council.

"In various spheres of economy, industry and technology the whole world is striving for new innovative approaches. Hence, we've decided to present a unique program devoted to innovative projects during this year's anniversarial Moscow Halal Expo," he added.

President of the exhibition stressed that further development of halal industry both in Russia and abroad requires certain knowledge.

"Islam calls upon everyone to acquire for virtuous knowledge. 'Seek knowledge from cradle till grave,' says hadith of our Prophet (peace be upon him). We need knowledge to say good from evil, white from black, halal from haram. I'm sure that advancing halal cause around the world requires certain knowledge. That is why this time, we decided to devote a lot of attention to the education in the way of seminars and workshops. I expect them to recieve a lot of interest from the guests of our exhibition, and hopefully many people will attend our seminars on conducting business in accordance with Shari'a law which will take place in the first two days of the Business Forum, on June 5 and 6," said mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin.

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