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3rd Muslim Youth Forum "You + Faith. It's time to improve", organized within the scope of 5th International exhibition Moscow Halal Expo, will open on June 7, 2014 at 11 AM in the conference hall of 75th hall of all-Russian Exhibition Center.

Muslim Youth Forum is set to become an effective platform for discussion for young Muslims with a pro-active stand willing to discuss and find practical solutions to the problems which the Muslim youth of Russia is currently facing. One of the forum’s goals is channeling the passion of Russia’s Muslim youth of Russia into constructive course, denunciation of extremist ideas and views, eradication of stereotypes, raising awareness and promotion of Islamic scholarship and ethics together with progressive thinking.

Forum speakers include one of the most outstanding scholars of the Islamic World sheikh Halid Yasin, author of popular Qur'anic translation into Russian Elmir Kuliev, Russian journalist, expert on ethnic, cultural and religious politics Maksim Shevchenko, President of World Halal Council sheikh Zafiir Najaar and many others.

They will share their practical advises with the youth, discuss problems and prospects of the Muslim youth of Russia; they will share their thoughts of how modern young Muslims can build relations with others, making them respect (but never fear) Islam, how to improve oneself and everything around, how to balance one's faith within with the outer world—and they will answer other questions that the young Muslims are interested in.

Another event within the forum is "Yarmarka # improve", a set of interesting workshops and practical courses for the youth. Prize winners of the contest "One day in the life of a Muslim" will also be announced at the forum.

Muslim Youth Forum will be attended by members of the World Forum of Tatar Youth, League of the Muslim Youth (Kazan), Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia, Union of Chechen Youth, Association of Dagestani Youth in Moscow, All-Russian Interethnic Youth Union, Russian Congress of the Peoples of Caucasus, Solidarity charitable foundation, Elbrusoid foundation and others.

To take part in Muslim Youth Forum, you must apply here:

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