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Experts agree on the importance of halal tourism On Thursday, May 21, Moscow Halal Expo 2015 hosted 2nd International Forum "Halal standard of tourism and hospitality".

The attendees discussed Russia's prospects on the international market of halal tourism and development of halal infrastructure in the emerging hospitality market.

The forum was opened by the first deputy chairman of Russia Muftis Council and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation Rushan hazrat Abbyasov.

During his speech, he accentuated the active development of halal tourism all around the world, saying that halal-certified hotels are popular not only among Muslims but also among people of other faiths.

He also mentioned the traditional Muslim tourist destinations in Russia, such as Derbent (Republic of Dagestan), Republic of Crimea, city of Kasimov, city of Bulgar (Republic of Tatarstan) and others that especially need halal tourist services and accommodation.

"We are pleased to see more and more hotels embracing halal standards both in Arab and Muslim countries and in Europe. I am sure that such services are relevant in Russia that is home to more than 20 million Muslims who travel across the country as well as millions of Muslim tourists who visit our country," he said.

Other speakers included deputy head of Russia Tourism Nikolay Korolev and the deputy head of the Travel Association "World Without Borders", moderator of the event Ildar Musin.

All speaker agreed on the importance of the forum for the development of halal tourism in Russia and the high prospects of this industry.

The forum was attended by specialists in hospitality industry who discussed halal tourism standards voiced by the CEO of ICSC "Halal" Aydar Gazizov and the head of KS "Halal" of the Spiritual Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan M. Nizamov. Head of the Association "Halal Industry of Kazakhstan" Marat Sarsenbaev and the executive director of Croatian Quality Certification Centre "Halal" Aldin Dugonic shared their international experience.

A lot of interest was drawn to the presentations of Russia's regions: Tatarstan, Chechen Republic, the ancient city of Derbent in the Republic of Dagestan, and the tourist and sightseeing programs devoted to Islam in Russia.

The attention of the delegates of the forum was also caught by the developer of TopTripTip mobile application A. Agafonova and the founder of Fisabil project Ashik Said Konurbaev.

It is worth noting that the Moscow Halal Expo exhibition hosts the advertising stands of companies already involved in the industry of halal tourism, particularly Moscow's first halal-certified hotel "Aerostar" and the Committee on Tourism of the Chechen Republic that represents a fully halal region that offers its guests various recreation and tourist opportunities.

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