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Russia is getting ready to export halal poultry to the Arab states. According to the Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor and Russia Muftis Council, first deliveries will be supplied to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

—Like all Arab states, Qatar is interested in the import of our meat. But now we're discussing their prospective import of Russian poultry products, cattle and ruminants. Of course, they are interested in products that passed halal control and meet the standards of food allowed to be consumed by Muslims. Russia is home to 23 million Muslims and has a good base for halal product certification which is carried out by muftiate specialists. The Qatari party hasn't specified the desired scope of supply yet; right now we need to reach an agreement upon the process of veterinary certification and only then we can start the supplies,—said Rosselkhoz associate director Aleksei Alekseenko upon the delegation's return from Qatar last week.

According to Alekseenko, Russia is planning to use most of the grain inside the country while exporting meat.

One of the Qatari companies interested in halal agricultural products from Russia is Hassad Food that is involved in Qatari food security. The representatives of the company could not immediately comment on the desired volume of meat supply from Russia.

Director of the Economics department of Russia Muftis Council told Izvestia that not only Qatar but also the United Arab Emirates expressed their interest in Russian halal poultry.

In June of 2014, International Centre of Standardization and Certification "Halal" received accreditation in the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water. ICSC "Halal" director Aydar Gazizov said that according to Rosptitsesoyuz, Russia exported 65 thousand tons of poultry meat in 2014, mostly to Asian countries.

According to Gazizov, last year's exports didn't include halal poultry. Most of Russia's halal export consists of confectionery and food supplements that are chiefly imported by former USSR states. Three Russian poultry producers are currently undergoing the process of halal chicken certification, among them agricultural holding Akashevo and agro-enterprise group Resurs. He refused to name the third company, saying that it is a prominent player of the market and that the agreement signed with them includes confidentiality clause.

Halal chicken supply can double poultry export, said Gazizov. Companies interested in making their goods available for Muslims should first abandon mechanical slaughter. As for the meat processing, producers should keep in mind the prohibition of not only pork and pork fat but also gelatinizing agents, emulsifiers, spirits and carmine which is made of insects.

Anna Lialiakina, Izvestia
March 12, 2005

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