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VI Moscow International Halal Exhibition “Moscow Halal Expo 2015”—the main exhibition in the field of Halal in Russia and the CIS countries—will be held in Moscow fr om 21 to 23 May 2015 (at IEC "Crocus Expo").

The key topics of the exhibition in 2015 are domestic producers, business development and growth and promotion of international trade and investment cooperation with the countries of the Islamic world.

Annual Moscow Halal Expo for the sixth time will gather Islamic investors and financiers, representatives of the tourism industry, suppliers of equipment for manufacturers and restaurateurs, Russian and international food producers, suppliers of eco-friendly and natural food, Islamic women and men suits, suppliers of halal cosmetics and perfumes, oriental souvenirs and jewellery, innovators and suppliers of ideas to the market, as well as representatives of related industries.

An extensive platform that covers all segments of the halal market from 2015 will be held in one of the best exhibition centers of the country - the International Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo". Over 200 companies from Russia and abroad will demonstrate and present their vision of halal business. Each year, the forum brings together recognized experts in the fields of halal business, Islamic investment and finance, as well as the experts in the field of halal standardization and certification.

According to Nikolai Fyodorov, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia, the fundamental components of the "halal" are quality and safety, cleanliness and advantages. "Today this word combines the sacred wisdom of the ages and the latest technologies. Moreover, it is not just about food production, but also about a wide range of services - from finance to tourism." Meanwhile, according to international analysts, the global halal market volume exceeds 1 billion USD and continues growing. And together with the services sector the market exceeds 2,1 billion USD.

One of the most important tasks of the exhibition is supporting domestic producers. Not only Moscow and Kazan today are the largest providers of domestic halal goods. According to the governor of the Russian “northern capital” G. Poltavchenko, goods and services under the brand halal in St. Petersburg are also gaining popularity today. On the shelves of large chain stores products labelled "halal" are always popular, their range becomes wider. The objectives of the market on the agenda are the expansion of production volumes of domestic producers of raw materials, improving price competitiveness, promotion and improvement of the investment component of halal agro-industrial clusters, development of new sectors and penetration into new regions.

Among domestic manufacturers participating in the exhibition are also industrial fashion brands who managed over the past year to enter large shopping centers in different regions of the country. At the same time, the brands are represented by completely different price range - from mass-oriented to exclusive.

One of the trends of the modern development of the halal industry in Russia is the emergence of halal tourism industry. Until 2014, the industry in the country was represented mainly by foreign pilgrimage and halal tours for Russian Muslims, but today Russia has become a platform wh ere modern infrastructure started appearing for receiving internal and external flows of tourists who prefer vacation of halal standards. Thus, a number of Moscow and Kazan hotels have been certified according to international standards to meet its service to standards of "halal".

Islamic banking for Russia today is as relevant as ever. The development of the legislative framework for Islamic banks and financial companies, as referred to during the last few months at the highest level, will finally allow Islamic investors from foreign countries to enter the market, and will also improve the stability of the existing Russian Islamic financial companies.

During the exhibition industry seminars and forums will be held.

The exhibition is supported by Russia Muftis Council, Moscow City Government, the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (Casablanca), Russian and international organizations.

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