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Russia Mufties Council unanimously support the Organization Islamic Conference’s (OIC) initiative appealing to the western states and UN to work out legislative base forbidding to desecrate religions. The cause for separate communiqu? of the OIC secretary general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu was the anti-Islamic film “Fitna” place in the Internet by the head of Dutch ultra right party for liberty Geert Wilders. 17 minute long video demonstrates documental films of terrorist acts, violence, followed up verses from Quran. The ban for desecrating religions would decrease xenophobia and national division all around the world.

Russia Mufties council is confident that the OIC secretary general initiative would weaken the attacks not only on Islam, but also towards Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. We consider that spiritual values should be legislatively defended from permissiveness. This concerns everyone, and mostly those western politicians who consider that they have the right to do anything they want under the mask of democracy.

The appeal of the Organization of Islamic Conference aims at uniting people of all religions towards the unity against false understanding the freedom of speech and will teach people to exercise more respect to each other. “In case the international society perceives properly the statement of the secretary general of the OIC Ihsanoglu as a guide to action, many western politicians, and first of all, Wilders, will have to be duly in charge of their words and actions.

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