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Russia Muftis Council invites to IX Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition, which will take place on September 28 in Moscow.

The IX Moscow Quran Reciting Competition will takes place in concert hall “Korolevsky” (VDNH metro station) on September 28th .

The beginning of the Competition – at 12:30,

the beginning of the final tour – at 15:30 

Moscow Quran Reciting Competition  is being held annually since the year 2000. It is traditionally held in the Holy month of Ramadan – in the month when the revelation of the Holy Quran began.

Since year 2007 the Competition became international.

In the IX Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition representatives of more than 15 countries, among them are the reciters and hufazaof the Quran Kareem from Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Qatar, the Republic of Turkey, Kuwait, CIS countries etc. as well as the representatives of Russia, from the Republic of Tatarstan, Dagestan and other regions.

The participants will contest in the knowledge of the whole text of the holy Quran by heart. The judging committee will be represented by the respected judges from Malaysia , Iran , Turkey , the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Russia .

On the awarding ceremony the chairman of Russia Mufties Council, religious leaders of the country, the ambassadors of the Muslim countries, state officials, famous people of the country and mass media.

Russia Mufties Council invites everybody to come to watch the competition.

On September 25th at 15:00 the press-conference prior to the IX Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition will be held in RIA Novosti ,

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