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"In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious!" بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
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Dear brothers and sisters. Dear compatriots!

We, Muslims of Russia, as well as Muslims of the world, celebrate one of the main holidays of Islam – Eid-al-Adha – Kurban-Bairam – the Sacrifice Holiday. The day before yesterday – the 8th zhul-hijja, the pilgrims who had gathered from every corner of the globe near the blessedMecca, were in the Mine valley. On the 9th  zhul-hijja – in the most culmination day of hajj pilgrims performed the ceremony of standing at Arafat mountain at the bottom Djabal ar-Rahma in Arafat valley. In the morning of the holiday – on the 10th zul-hijja having collected stones for symbolical beating the Satan, they, left a valley of Muzdalifa and have gone towards Mecca.

When finishing the hajj, pilgrims with sincere feelings of the fulfilled duty with tears on their faces of, faithful to the uniform and the only  God-Allah, going towards the temple, towards the first temple founded on the Earth for the worship of the God. They devote talbiya to the Supreme which is the hymn, the symbol of a hajj:

«Labbayka, Allahumma labbayka, labbayka la sharika lyaka labbayk. Innal hamda, van – nigmata laka val-mulk, la sharika lyak!» - «Here I am, in front of you, oh, Allah! Here I am, in front of you! You have no associate. Praises are to You! The favour and the power belong to you. You have no companion».

«Lyabbayka, Allahuma lyabbayk!» - I address to You, oh Allah, and I hasten to obey You with all my body and soul! Oh, Allah! Open to me the gate of Your favour. Oh, Allah! With belief in You, recognizing truthfulness of Your Writing, to execute the promise made to You, following the Sunnah of Your Prophet Muhammad (s.а.s.), I turn to You! My dear brothers and sisters let’s decorate our speech, hearts and souls. Let’s repeat this blest talbiya.

We, as well as the pilgrims, after the ceremonial prayer, the salah of Eid-al-Adha, will carry out the sacrifice ceremony.

Among 3 millions of pilgrims from every corner of the globe, 23.5 thousand of Russian pilgrims performed hajj this year. In this blessed day we ask our the Most High Allah to bless all of us, to accept hajj of our pilgrims, that they return to the country to their families having cleared of sins, as innocent babies, in good health, filled with a huge pleasure from the performed duty to the Allah.

Dear brothers and sisters!

On behalf of Council of Mufties of Russia, our Religious board of Muslim I warmly congratulate you with the Occasion of Kurban-Bairam! I ask Allahu Taala to grant all of us peace, favour and prosperity!

My dear coreligionists!

On the occasion of Eid-al-Adha we receive a lot of congratulations. I wish to pass you the congratulation of the President of our country Dmitry Anatolevich Medvedev.

Dear brothers and sisters. Dear compatriots!

These days Russia mourns for leaving from this mortal life His holiness Patriarch Alexiy II. We express sincere condolences to the Synod of Russian Orthodox church, hierarchies and church flock, our compatriots – to orthodox Christians in connection with the death of the Head of Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia Alexiy II.

He wasn’t only the Head of Church, but also he was state and the public figure,  peacemaker, the person of open soul, the supporter of strengthening of the interreligious world, the supporter of the dialogue and development cooperation between traditional religions of Russia, calling for respect of cultures and traditions of the people living in the multinational state. In days when in our country and especially in the West, Muslims and Islam are being slandered and they have to put up with the comical scandal and the insult of religious feelings of believers, deceased Patriarch Alexiy II stood for protection of the truth and urged to distinguish between the religion and extremism-terrorism.

Kind memory of the Patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia Alexiy II will remain in the hearts of millions citizens of Russia and the world. We wish the earth to be down for him. As it is said in the Holy  Kur'ane: «All of us belong to the Lord – Supreme and to Him we’ll come back». Once again I present the deepest condolences to our orthodox citizens and all compatriots.

Dear my brothers and sisters!

The occasion of Eid-al-Adha means not only the end of annual pilgrimage of Muslims to  the Blessed Mecca and Radiant Medina. Literally it is translated as the Sacrifice holiday.

From the Holy Kur'an and Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (s.а.s). we know that «for each community worship ceremonies» were established.

Christians and Jews, representatives of Avraam’s religions carry out the ceremonies established by Him, including sacrifice ceremonies. As it is said in the Holy Koran and authentic Sunnah the most significant action in front of the Supreme Allah in days of our Kurban-Bayram is sacrifice of an animal. In Sacred Quran it is told: «We Have made a sacrificial animal one of ceremonies, in which blessing for you» (Qur'an 22:36).

When we speak about a sacrifice holiday, it is necessary for us to remember the great, esteemed by both Muslims and Christians and Jews, Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) (Avraam, peace be upon him) who started the tradition of sacrifice of an animal, for the achievement of favour of the Creator.

My dear coreligionists!

Each of us leaving on this Earth has a dream. Certainly, the main dream is spiritual one. Our dream is to deserve favour of Allah, to be awarded Paradise and to be saved of Hell torments.

Living on this Earth we ask the Supreme: «Oh, our Lord! Give to us all the best on this Earth». And each of us addresses to God, asking Him for the desired. We ask Him both secretly and openly. In the same way Ibrahim (a.s.) (Avraam) in his old years having no children appealed, addressed with entreaty: «Oh, My Lord! Grant me a righteous son» (Quran, 37:100)

Having accepted Ibrahim’s prayers the Supreme presented him a son whose name was Ismail (Izmail – Bible). Many years passed. Ibrahim’s (a.s.) son Ismail (Izmail) reached the age when he already could be a support to his father. But the Supreme adventured the Prophet Ibrahim with a serious test. In the sleep Allah orders him to sacrifice his son. My dear coreligionists, each of us knows: the dreams of the prophets are the Revelations from the Supreme God. From this dream Ibrahim understood that Supreme demands from him to sacrifice the most valuable, the most long-awaited and close to his heart – his son. Realizing that everything is from the Supreme and everything belongs to Him, Ibrahim Alejhis-saljam (Avram, peace be upon him) submissively prepared for the execution of the Supreme’s will. He did not expect and didn’t know that it was only test. Allah, the Lord of the worlds, does not require any victim, and moreover, He does not wish death of the humanity and blood of any person. And the godly prophet was ready to execute obediently the Supreme’s command and before lifting a knife over the submitting and patient son, he had heard an appeal, another Allah’s command:

(Quran 37; 102:105).

As we see from the Bible and Quranic stories, Allah wanted Ibrahim to sacrifice a lamb, not his son. Since the time of Ibrahim (Abraham, peace be upon him), believers follow this instruction and try to call each other for mercy, compassion, kindness and generosity, recollecting kindness of the Supreme and His command not to spill the human blood.

Dear brother and sisters!

Prophets and Messengers of Allah underwent different tests. But the belief in the Supreme, in His favour always gave them force and confidence. Each of us came to this Earth for time to stay and to pass different tests from Allah. There are also religious, ceremonial tests and little everyday tests. Having passed them, the person gets stronger; he finds out new possibilities for himself. Also the ability to overcome difficulties and adequately to pass to the best, the person is presented with favour of  the Supreme.

Today we live in the world of globalization. Globalization of economy and policy. The world experiences an economic crisis. Very often the world experiences regional political crises. In August-September we had experienced crisis in Georgian - South-Ossetian region in thee Caucasus. As the Supreme Allah has told:

«So, verily, with every difficulty there is a relief, verily, with every difficulty there is a relief»

Mass media, statements of politicians and statesmen for a global economic crisis certainly affects on psychological mood of citizens. When you hear: the big crisis is still ahead, when you see reductions on your workplace, when salaries are not stable, the prices increase and we say that unlucky days are still ahead – it is necessary for all of us to have strong belief and confidence in the Supreme Allah in our soul. Allah Taala has told:

«Do not lose hope for the favour of Allah!»

It is necessary to keep internal confidence, calmness. Prophet Muhammad (s.а.s.) has told: «The state of the believer is amazing! All his deeds are welfare. (Even if at this very moment he is not very successful and he suffers difficulties, this is also welfare for him).  Nobody finds himself in the same situation as the believer. In case he encounters the good, he thanks the Allah, and this is the best for him. In case he encounters evil, he exercises patience, and this is also the best for him. The life is such that it is not always easy and calmly. Life is impossible without losses and mistakes, without worries and disturbances».

Allahu Taala gives the believers wise advice, composure and sober mind for the solution of problems. Only the one who doesn’t possess strong belief, loses heart. And then he is overcome by depression, he is tormented by stress.

It is necessary to remember the words of Allah who has told:

(Quran, 2:155-157)

«Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hanger, some loss in goods, lives and the fruits (of your toil).

Thus Allah specifies that the shocks, concerning us, our relatives, our property – all these are given by the Supreme and as a test for us. Further Allah Taalja has said:

«but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return” – they are those on whom (descend) blessings from their Lord, and Mercy. And they are the ones that receive guidance.

And for those who lives with such a belief Allah promising, has told: «Blessing and favour for them from the Lord. They are going on a right way». Our wise old men say: «Crisis painfully beats rich men therefore they are too frightened now. For poor people nowadays crisis doesn’t matter, because all their lives are crisis».

Here it would be desirable to wish only one – we wish that there was no spiritual crisis. Absence of belief, piety, and absence of peace in a soul – these lead to spiritual crisis. And then the person loses balance and calmness, loses faith in the future.

In day of Eid-al-Adha which is connected with a name of Ibrahim (Avraam, peace be upon him) who has left us tradition of a ceremony of sacrifice. I wish to remind one more instructive history from the life of Ibrahim (a.s.). It’s common knowledge form the history: at the time of Ibrahim people who have departed from the faith in the only God, worshipped the stone which was made by men and they could not bring neither advantage, nor harm, could not protect itself at all. Ibrahim (a.s.) wanted to teach the people to worship only the God, instead of idols. But his people apprehended his appeal with hostility and exclaimed: «They said: Burn him and protect our gods!” (Quran, 21:68).

People collected many wood and kindled an unprecedented huge fire, and thrown there Ibrahim (a.s.). When the prophet has appeared in the centre of the fire, angel Dzhibril (a.s.) appeared and he asked Ibrahim (a.s.): «Should I help you?», Ibrahim (a.s.) answered: «I have the Supreme, He is enough for me and He is the best patron"."Well, then ask the Lord», - Djibril told. Fire could burn to ashes the envoy Divine in some minutes. But Ibrahim (a.s.) answered confidently and easily: «For me it is enough that my Lord knows about my position». And then the Supreme and All-Knowing Allahu Taala told:«We said: O Fire be thou cool and safety for Abraham»(Qur'an 21:69). And it occurred. Ibrahim marvelously did not suffer from the fire and it seemed that he was in a blossoming garden though he  was in the centre of fire. This example teaches us: even when all the world turns against you, when all your plans fall, when all circumstances develop not in your advantage, it is necessary to rely on the Creator Supreme and with quiet soul to read: «Supreme I have enough and It the best patron! »(Qur'an, 29:69)

My dear brothers and sisters!

In the most difficult minutes, minutes of a pain and despair open the hearts and souls to the Supreme, make a prayer, lift hands and address to the Mercy and Merciful Allah with entreaties. Allah will hear them, will also see signs of your entreaties, your requests and will answer with His Great Favour. And you will feel lighten. Allah gives to us a new day. And a new day brings us new possibilities and good luck. Also it is necessary to meet with gratitude each new day and to eulogize Allah Rabbal Aljamin – Master of the worlds with the words: «Praise is to the Supreme – there has come another day. And I am infinitely grateful for this Gift of God. With the help of the Supreme I am going to live on the Earth fruitfully, more joyfully and more usefully as it is possible to be». And this morning having woken up, going to a mosque to be among the numbers of the believers addressing towards the Kaaba, with pleasure and gratitude to our Founder Allah Taala, we uplift a prayer, glorifying Him: « lya ilyaha, illyal-lahu, val-lahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar va lillyahil hamd».

“Allah Akbar – the Lord Allah – above all! The Lord Allah – above all! There is no God, but him! The Lord Allah – above all and only to Him true eulogy!»

Takbir – glorifying and eulogy of the Lord of the worlds. It is said throughout four day of the occasion after each obligatory prayer. The Muslims do not limit themselves to pronouncing takbirs only on holidays. And takbirs, both prayers, and requests, and entreaties should be always in our soul. We should remember the words of the Supreme who said:

«Verily, Allah will not change the state of people until they change themselves”

If you have a desire to change your position to the best, to change our life for the better, Allah gives the chance to us and shows how to behave and what should we do to achieve our aims. It is necessary to enrich ourselves spiritually, to bring up piety and to be always grateful to the Founder, to commensurate our actions, and to pay attention to the question: whether the Supreme Allah will be happy with our affairs and acts?

Even performing Hajj, carrying out a sacrifice ceremony, we mustn’t think that we are forever released and cleared of sins.

(Quran 22:37)

«It is not their meat, nor their blood, that reaches Allah: it is your piety that reaches Him».

Today after the end of the celebratory divine service "Eid-al-Adha" those of us who has possibility will make a sacrifice ceremony, will pay attention to the family, will render material help and encouragement to citizens of our society who are in need. I ask the Supreme Allah to accept hajj of our pilgrims, to accept our sacrifices, prayers and kind actions. These blessed days I ask Allah to grant peace and blessing to all Russians, to our country, and calmness all over the world, the terminations of bloodshed and sufferings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and in those regions where acts of terrorism and actions which Allah doesn’t like are made.

We ask Allah Taala to bring us peace and favour on the Earth. I congratulate you, my dear sisters and brothers, dear compatriots, dear friends, neighbours, people of good will and intentions!

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