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"The government will encourage the establishment of durable inter-religious dialogue, of course, without interfering in religious activities, and creating only the necessary conditions so that people of any faith can freely perform the service," - said Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday at a news conference after talks with President of Germany, Christian Wolf.

According to the President, "our country, like any other country, faces the religious extremism, using pseudo-religious pseudo-balancing act to achieve political goals" - the portal Interfax-Religion quoted the words of the President. 

"We can not leave it without attention, we should carefully monitor the processes that occur in this area. The most problematic for us is, of course, the situation in the North Caucasus" - Prezident said. Dmitry Medvedev stressed that "due to various reasons in particular period there were some contradictions, it was necessary to use different ways to achieve calm and restore the normal inter-religious dialogue. "

The Russian President recalled that there are representatives of different religions both Islam, and Christianity  in the North Caucasus. "Naturally, there should be a normal, productive dialogue between them, the more that members of different religions for centuries have beed living side by side and reached very good results," - Dmitriy Medvedev said.

Moscow, October 12.

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