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October 12, 2010 the meeting was held with the participation of the co-founders of Russian scientific and educational organization "al-Vasatyyya", represented by the Rector of the Russian Islamic University, Hazrat Rafiq Mukhametshin, the rector of the Institute of Theology and International Relations, Maksoud-Hajji Sadikov,  as well as  the chairman of the Foundation for the Support of Islamic Culture , science and education, the rector of Moscow Islamic University Marat-Hazrat Murtazin.

At the meeting the gathered discussed the plan of actions of the SEO al-Vasatyyya for 2010-2011, and also plan of edition of  issue publications on various aspects of Islamic doctrine, the works of scientists who help identify the most widely peacekeeping and humanitarian character of the Islamic religion, as well as to clarify its position on such critical issues of our time as peaceful coexistence of different religious faiths and ethnic groups within states. In particular, they examined lists of literature recommended for translation and dissemination among Russian Muslims.

Among the works proposed for publication were such classic works of Islamic theologians as book of Wahb Zuheyli "al-al-Fiqh al-Hanafi al-muyassar", Tafsirs of Nugmanov and Asadullah Hamidi that was very popular among Russian Muslims before the revolution. In addition, they consider the publication of works by Russian scholars, written in Arabic, including works by Mr. Abu-Nasr Kursavi, Abd al-Rahim Utyz-Imyani, Kunta-Haji, Sheikh Jamal al-Din Kazikumuhskii. Also they plan to translate works of Russian philosophers of 19 century, who wrote about the relationship between Islam and Christianity, the works of Vladimir Solovyov and K. Leont'ev

(According to Ed, "Islam minbare")

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