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Moscow will host XI Moscow International Quran recitation contest

The Russian Mufties Council invites you to the final XI Moscow International Competition of the Quran recitation, which will be held Oct. 24 this year at 14.30 in the concert hall "Kosmos (metro station VDNH Exhibition Center, Prospect Mira, d. 150) under the auspices of the Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin and supported by the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Prof. Ihsanoglu Ekmeletdina. Official Media Partner of the event is Anbaa Moscu.

The competition has more than ten year history and is an integral part in the field of educating and sensitizing the Russian society with the traditions of Islam.  This year's competition includes the list of cultural activities of UNESCO in recognition of the high level of the event.

Each year an increasing number of countries participates in the contest. This year the XI Moscow International Quran recitation competition will be presented by participants from 30 countries and participants from 20 countries will be in the final. 

Contestants will compete in one category - tilyava - sight-reading according to the rules of tadzhvida and tartilya.

Also, according to tradition, the program includes performances of ensembles of anashids. This year groups from the Republic of Tatarstan and the Islamic Republic of Iran will perform on the stage. 

Tickets for the event can be purchased at bookstands in all mosques in Moscow and also at Vypolzov lane., 7, of. 307.

Telephone: 8-903-755-63-55, 8-495-684-76-79

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