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A meeting between the delegation of Russian hajj mission headed by the deputy chairman of the Federation Council of the Federation Assembly of the Russian Federation, commissioner on hajj affairs of the Russian government Ilyas Umakhanov and the deputy minister of hajj affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mr Hussein Sharif took place in the Ministry of hajj affairs in Mecca.

According to the first deputy chairman of Russia Muftis Council and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation, member of the Russian delegation Rushan hazrat Abbyasov, both parties noted the positive trend in cooperation and discussed preparations for 2015 hajj season.

According to Rushan hazrat, one of the main topics of the agenda was the increase of pilgrims quota after Crimea's integration into Russia. All in all, 16 thousand pilgrims from 65 regions of Russia performed hajj in 2014 within Russian groups, including 150 Muslims from Crimea. Crimean peninsula is home to 400,000 Muslims.

Rushan hazrat also said that the Saudi party informed them on the progress of the grand construction works: expansion of the holiest site of Islam, Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, building new hotels and centres for pilgrims, expansion of Medina airport and building of a railway connecting Mecca, Medina and Jeddah.

As it was previously mentioned, Russian hajj delegation headed by the deputy chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Ilyas Umakhanov included head of Russian hajj mission Magomed Gamzaev, first RMC and SAM RF deputy chairman Rushan hazrat Abbyasov, Mufti of Crimea Emirali Ablaev, Mufti of Ingushetia Isa Khamkhoev and representatives of hajj tour operators.

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