Thursday, 22 October 2020
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Crimea is preparing to host an international conference "Relevant issues of study and preservation of the Islamic legacy of Crimea".

The event will take place between October 14 and 18 in Simferopol and will be devoted to the 700th anniversary of Özbek Han mosque in Stary Krym. The conference is organized by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea with support from the Fund for support of Islamic culture, science and education.

The conference will be attended by Muslim religious leaders, scholars and historians from Russia, Turkey and Belarus.

The conference will host a plenary session with the following sections: "History of Islam in the Crimean Ulus of the Golden Horde", "Muslim architecture of Crimea during the Golden Horde era", "Relevant issues of the preservation of historical and cultural legacy of Crimea of the Golden Horde period". It will also include screening of the film "Stary Krym" (Old Crimea), presentation of photo exhibition "Mosques of Crimea" and guided tours to Özbek Han mosque and İncibek Hatun madrasah in Stary Krym.

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