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The Russian Muftis Council hosted a meeting of Deputy Chairman, Chief of Staff of RMC Rushan Abbyasov with the head of education department of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Algeria Maulen Sayed within the framework of a signed agreement between the Ministry and the Russian Muftis Council.

Director of Department of International Affairs, Renat Hazrat Abyanov and head of the consular section of the Embassy of Algeria in Russia Noureddine Latrus attended the meeting.

During the conversation, Rushan hazrat introduced the guests with the history of the Muslims, the activity of the Russian Muftis Council and programs designed to develop spiritual and moral values of Islam.

Mr Saeed praised the role of RMC in the contemporary history of Russia and expressed confidence in the future prosperity of the Muslims of Russia.

The honorary guest confirmed the desire of the Ministry to participate in the programs of the Russian Muftis Council halal industry and education, taking students to school with a secondary religious education.

The fruit of constructive engagement is the continuous interaction in the spiritual sphere, in particular the participation of experts of both countries in the Quran recitation competitions in Russia and Algeria.

The RMC chief of staff said about the launch of a social network «Salam World», designed to unite Muslims of all countries in the Internet space.

In turn, the guest said that this direction of current and future, because we live in a world of globalization and internalization of society. Therefore, Muslims must comply with the requirement of time to be at the forefront of the modern world.

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