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Ufa hosted a working meeting dedicated to the discussion of the development of Islamic business in the Republic of Bashkortostan, including the production of Halal and Islamic finance.

The meeting was attended by the executive director of the Association of Credit Institutions of RB Askhat Khusnutdinov, a manager of the office "East Capital" in Ufa Almaz Abdullin, director of the Development Committee of Halal Standard at DUM of RB Timur Shangareev, representatives of business circles of the Republic, as well as director of the Department of Economics of RMC Madina Kalimullina.

The meeting was held at the branch office of the "East Capital" of the Ellipse Bank, which was opened in late December. According to the Executive Director of AKORB A. Khusnutdinov, opening of a Muslim branch of the bank in the Republic - is one of the results of the work of the Department of Economics of RMC in 2011, in particular, also to a large extent the knowledge and experience gained by representatives of the banking business during the training in Indonesia June last year contributed to this opening.

During the meeting, participants discussed the best ways for business development in the Republic of Bashkortostan, based on Islamic ethical principles, as well as a number of activities planned in 2012.

According to MuslimEco.Ru

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