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On 17th of September, 2013, court of Oktyabrsky district of Novorossiysk ruled that the Russian translation of meanings of the Holy Qur'an by Elmir Kuliev of 2002 be deemed “extremist”. This unreasonable judgment of a district court is even more blasphemous than the last year's ruling of Leninsky district court of Orenburg.

According to the court's decision, the book is not just declared “extremist” and banned but also sentenced to “destruction”. It is with great sadness that we state that by banning the main written source of Russia's second largest religion, the district court, firstly, commits gross violation of the Constitution of Russian Federation and international laws on freedom of conscience and worship, and secondly, ruins Muslims' confidence in Russian laws and justice system and, ultimately, in the objectivity of Russian authorities.

We do not rule out the possibility that the ban of translation of the Holy Qur'an by secular scholar, doctor of philosophy Elmir Kuliev, which was done in accordance with Russian tradition of oriental studies (Kuliev's translation is a logical successor of a reputable academic translation of Ignatiy Krachkovsky), will make Russian-speaking readers turn to unprofessional word-for-word translations written in literalist manner.

Thus, we officially ask Russian authorities to end the disgraceful practice of banning traditional Muslim religious literature and change the nonsensical procedure of legal proceedings of similar cases in courts.

September 20, 2013, Moscow

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