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The Council of mufties of Russia castigates the bombing of the Gaza Strip. Muslims of Russia are in sympathy with the Palestinians and call for termination of the conflict.

On the eve of the New Year by Muslim calendar that comes on December 29, Israel escalates rocket attacks against the Gaza Strip. The attacks aimed to inflict a "major blow" on militants of the HAMAS situated in Gaza . The Israeli aircrafts were attacking "a series of Hamas targets and infrastructure facilities," including headquarters, training camps and weaponry storage warehouses. In the city alone the attacks were blown at seven targets at once. But the real victims of the attacks are hundreds of people, peaceful citizens, children, elderly people and women. Counter attacks led to victims in Israel too. Both parties stand for expansion of military attacks. The Middle East is on the egde of the New Year war. The state of emergency is announced in 20-km zone of the Gaza Strip.

In connection with the attacks hundreds thousands of people stirred out in the majority of the Arabic capitals. Massive meetings take place in Amman , Baghdad , Beirut , Cairo , as well as in Istanbul . Yemen , Qatar , Libyan and Syrian leaders have already declared the necessity of convocation extra summit of the World Arab league in Cairo in order to stop the Israeli attacks against the Palestinians.

The Muslims of Russia support the complex approach if the headship of our country to the solution of the Middle East problems, in particular, for the increase of the participants of the negotiation process. Russia Mufties Council maintains the necessity to stop immediately the massive military attacks against the Gaza Strip. The attacks have already resulted in a large number of victims and huge sufferings of the peaceful Palestinian people.

We constantly pray for the termination of the bloodshed, asking the Almighty of the solution of the fate of the Palestinian long- suffering nation.  

In the name of the Muslim society of Russia the Council of mufties of Russia appeals politicians and state figures of Israel to stop the military actions and to stop the bloodshed and violence.

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