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The regular meeting of the General Assembly (Shura) of the Russian Mufties Council took place.

Before the discussion of the agenda all the participants supported the statement of the Russian Mufties Council in connection with the events at the Manege Square in Moscow and several Russian cities issued on the eve.

All the present expressed their full solidarity with the measures and law enforcement actions aimed at preventing such actions and supported the appeal to the young by the Chairman of RMC mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin not to succumb to provocations, not to go to the reckless actions, do not let yourself be involved into others' plans.

The agenda of the General Assembly (Shura) of the Russian Mufties Council of included a number of questions:

The Chairman of the RMC Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin spoke on the issue of establishment of Experts council under the RMC. The decision to establish the Expert Council was adopted by unanimous vote.  Discussing this issue, co-chairman of the RMC mufti Nafigulla Ashirov noted that the analysis of the Expert Council shall be advisory in nature, and Gusman hazrat Iskhakov – the Co-chairman of the RMC stressed the importance of practical help that can be assisted to the activities of the RMC and its management such experts as lawyers, specialists in the field of Islamic studies, economics, law, social science, and etc.

At the suggestion of Ravil Gaynutdin the post of chairman was nominated to the director of the Institute of Islamic civilization, a member of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) - one of the leading specialized organs of the Organization of Islamic Conference, a full member of the Jordan Royal Academy of Islamic thought Professor Said Kyamilev. At the suggestion of the co-chairman of the RMC mufti Bibarsov, the list of its members will be extended by candidates from the regions.

The second question was dedicated to the issue of countering the building of mosques in Moscow and other cities, provinces and regions of Russia was reported by the rector of Moscow Islamic University Marat Murtazin, who elaborated on the history of the construction of a mosque in south-eastern district since 1999 and said that those sites that were offered during that time, were unsuitable for locating there mosque or construction any other buildings, nor for its subsequent operation. No sites throughout the whole capital for the construction of mosques has been allocated in recent years, in Moscow the doors of four mosques are opened to worshippers. The subject is topical for capital as well as for all regions, so it found a response in all the participants. The meeting participants signed an open letter to senior administration of the country and the capital.

The Chairman of the RMC Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin reported on preparations for holding the First European Muslim Forum in Moscow in May 2011, an initiative which were expressed by European Muslim organizations.

Participants of the meeting were pleased to find out about holding this important Forum, which was supported by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. We have already received official support from the Russian Foreign Ministry, the work on the participation of the Moscow leadership in organizing the First European Muslim Forum is being held. The holding of the Forum is supported by the leadership of the OIC and other international organizations as well.

Mufti Mukaddas Bibarsov suggested the importance and necessity of mutual support of all Muslim spiritual leaders of regions and called on everyone to further unity led by spiritual leader of the Russian Muslims, all associates and colleagues.

During the day of Shura work the topical issues of regions were discussed.

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